We will use the following amended rules for the Celerity discipline:

  • Characters with Celerity may add one dice per dot of celerity possessed to Dexterity related dice pools. This is automatic & requires no blood expenditure.
  • Characters may gain extra physical actions during a combat round with Celerity. At the start of the turn, regardless of initiative,they my spend 1 blood point and declare the number of extra actions they wish to take, up to their maximum which is their rating in Celerity. Each of these actions will take place after the characters regular action. They must be physical actions. Each action also has the full dice pool for the activity. These extra actions may not be split in any way.
  • When using Celerity to purchase extra actions, characters do not receive bonus dice to Dexterity for the dot “used” to purchase an action. So for example, a Vampire with a Celerity rating of 3 could purchase 2 extra actions and would receive 1 bonus dice to Dexterity related activities on all actions for the round.

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