Multiple Actions

Multiple actions, outside of the Celerity discipline, are as follows:

  • Vampires may split their dice pool in a round to take multiple actions.
  • When the two actions are not identical, for example firing a crossbow and an athletics roll to leap onto a moving carriage, take the smaller of the dice pools & divide this dice pool for your actions.
  • If you have unused dice in your dice pool from your declared actions, you can use these to Dodge, potentially losing your extra actions if you use all your remaining dice.

E.G. to use the above example, if the dice pool for shooting is 9 (Dex 5 and Crossbow 4) and the dice pool for the leap is 6 (Dex 5 and Athletics 1) you take 6, and divide it as you wish to get dice for the shooting roll and dice for the leap, such as 5 and 1, 4 and 2, 1 and 5, etc.

  • The storyteller has final discretion on what requires use of a full “action”

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Multiple Actions

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