Ventrue Feeding Restriction

In order to not completely hose the Ventrue, I have decided to impose the following adjusted rules for the Ventrue weakness:

  • Ventrue cannot feed on mortal blood outside of their feeding restriction. Whether a mortal qualifies is left up to the storyteller (don’t forget, some things are not as clear cut in the dark ages. There’s no such thing as theft of intellectual property when there are no intellectual property laws!)
  • Ventrue may feed from beasts, though doing so only nourishes them at 1/10th rate for blood points. So for example, if a chicken has 1 blood point, a Ventrue would need to completely drain 10 chickens to get one point of blood. Additionally, this blood is still distasteful. Imagine eating only bland gruel for nourishment for a month. Soon, you would be craving a real meal, eh?
  • Ghouls follow the rules for mortals excepting ghouls of your creation. Those ghouls created by you may be drunk from freely.
  • Vampires may be fed from without restriction. However, beware the blood bond & addiction to more potent vitae!
  • Lupines, Fae, and other supernatural creatures are an unknown quantity at this time. Feed from them at your own risk!

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7-24-2013 version 1.2

Ventrue Feeding Restriction

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