Warwick is one of two principal towns in the county of Warwickshire, the other being the town of Kenilworth. The town of Warwick is protected by Warwick Castle, home to the Earl of Warwick, Illinrod. The castle is of a motte and bailey form, and stands next to the river Avon. A large ditch separates the castle from the town. The town is walled and has gate houses to the North, East, and West.

Warwick hosts a bi-weekly market, with goods brought in from all over the county. The river also boasts plentiful fish. To the north of the river, woods and hills dominate Warwickshire county, along with a few scattered manor houses. To the south of the river (and the town of Warwick) is open countryside, with plentiful farming.

Nearby there is also a very small priory, St Sepulchre’s Priory, which was just recently founded.

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