Vampire: Dark Ages

Dear Abbey

The players venture along the road to Burton Abbey. They discover for themselves that travel is harsh, and are forced to hunt for animals along the way to sustain them. Jason is particularly impacted, as his feeding restriction causes him to gain little nourishment from the blood of common animals.

Nearing their goal, they meet Mike’s character in a tense confrontation. They discover each of them is venturing to the Abbey and agree to enter as one to see what happens there.

At the Abbey, they are confronted with a darkened building & locked gates. Gaining entry, they search briefly before finding their first (possibly only) inhabitant, a deranged monk in the library. The library has been destroyed almost completely. The monk says all are dead and raves about a demon who has punished them. While interrogating him, they hear an awful howl in the distance. The players assume it is one of the feared “lupines”, and begin making preparations. Todd finds some silver candelabras and melts them down. The players coat some weapons (craven chooses a fire poker) with the melted silver, to unknown effect. Also while searching the main chapel, Mike discovers a trap door leading down to the crypts. The door is very heavy, so the players venture down there to make a stand. The door is closed behind them and they venture forward. Deeper within they find a room with disturbing adornments: it appears a room where the dead are prepared for burial, and along one wall is a rack, holding 15 severed heads. Heads that whisper through sewn lips. Strangely, after the one howl no more movement by the “lupine” has been seen or heard.

XP Awarded:

  • Dale – 4 total (Automatic, Acting, Learning Curve, Concept)
  • Todd – 3 total (Automatic, Acting, Learning Curve)
  • Jason – 3 total (Automatic, Acting, Learning Curve)
  • Mike – 3 total (Automatic, Acting, Learning Curve)
  • Dakota – 3 total (Automatic, Acting, Learning Curve)
    XP Award Date: 9 / 14 / 13
A New Beginning

Starting from scratch…sort of.

Events prior are a little hazy, but it is known for certain the group followed Byson to a location away from Warwick and into a barrow or cavern of some sort. This was some form of a trap. They each experienced the same strange vision where they confronted an odd monster with glowing eyes and hard skin, and its handler, a man with a strange accent, who spoke with weird words of power. After escaping these oddities by entering a tunnel found by Craven the players rested.

When they again awoke, they heard a strange voice in the darkness. After exchanging a few brief words, they were led outside again where they found the owner of the voice, a monk named John. He spoke of torpor, and strange dreams visited upon vampires of late. He also spoke of the group’s foe, Byson, and how he had changed things in Warwick during their absence.

John informed them they had two options. He had seen, in a vision, where they could go “and seek their strength” at the Abbey in Stafford. Alternately they could return to Warwick now and confront Byson, but they would face great peril. The group opted to venture to the abbey, stopping in Warwick to get some supplies & hunt. John, he said, would continue to Northhamption, to perhaps find another avenue to aide them.

XP Awarded:

  • Dale – 3 total (Automatic, Acting, Learning Curve / Concept)
  • Todd – 3 total (Automatic, Acting, Learning Curve / Concept)
  • Jason – 3 total ((Automatic, Acting, Learning Curve / Concept)
  • Mike – 0 total (no participation this session)
  • Dakota – 3 total (Automatic, Acting, Learning Curve / Concept)
    XP Award Date: 9 / 14/ 13
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